Battery and parts info

Battery and parts info
Battery changing information. (How to change a battery)

With the watch back facing you the arrow indicates where most small separation indentations are located.

Using a screw driver or any non sharp leveraging instrument apply pressure on the cavity while preying up at the same time.

Most watch backs will pop off with moderate pressure exposing the watch movements and battery. Gently pop out the battery, exchange and test the watch to make sure it's working. Pull the time set pin to set time and push in to start watch.

Check to make sure the rubber o-ring is still around the watch base and replace the watch back by aligning the cavity in the same position it was prior to this exercise.

Recommended batteries are #377, 1.5 volt stock #SR626SW

We will be happy to mail replacement parts if we have the style or color available. Please email us a picture or describe the style / color or the watch. If we have the replacement part we’ll let you know via email.

If we can replace the part please send a two stamped self-addressed envelope to P.O. Box 152 Tucker, GA 30085-0152. Once received we’ll mail the replacement part within a few days.

Please remember the envelope must be stamped with two stamps. Parts we will mail are; band loops, half bands, connection pins, and buckles.